Hello, my name is Cheryl Belalo. I was born and raised in the Philippines. I'm a certified English teacher. I have TEFL and EF SET English Proficiency Certificates. I have more than four years of teaching experience. I have helped more than 3000 students with 32500 lessons as English second language teachers to Chinese, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese students. I am a friendly, patient, passionate, and enthusiastic person. I am a fun, active, and supportive teacher. My class is always focused on my students' specific needs. It's highly informative, interactive, and fun. I can teach grammar, pronunciation, phonics, vocabulary, English reading, general English, and business English. I can also have free-talk classes with my students, where they can talk about everything under the sun for conversational fluency. As a teacher, I know that I should maintain students' engagement because, by doing that, they will learn more. I make sure my lessons are learner-centered. I use a variety of materials and class activities to personalize my lessons. With my skills, techniques, and experiences. I can assure you that I can provide an adequate English training. I'm confident that I can satisfy all your needs. I am eager to join you on your English learning journey.





5 minute Trial lesson(300ポイント)

Business Intermediate/Advanced level(800ポイント)

CONVERSATION Beginner/Advanced level(800ポイント)

DAILY NEWS(800ポイント)

Travel & Culture Intermediate/Advanced level(800ポイント)

World Literature Proficient level(800ポイント)

Conversation Topics Intermediate/Advanced level(800ポイント)

Pronunciation Intermediate level(800ポイント)

Vocabulary Advanced level(800ポイント)

Grammar Beginner/Advanced level(800ポイント)

Discussion Intermediate level(800ポイント)

Health & Lifestyle Intermediate/Advanced level(800ポイント)

Describing Pictures Intermediate/Advanced level (800ポイント)






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