Yubikitas has a cancellation and rescheduling policy that applies to all teachers and students. Teachers are not permitted to establish their own rules.


When you receive a lesson booking from a student, please conduct the lesson responsibly as scheduled. You may reschedule or cancel a lesson up to 24 hours before the start time. However, be aware that rescheduling or cancelling may negatively affect your reputation with the student, potentially leading to no further bookings from them in the future.Changes or cancellations are not allowed within 24 hours of the lesson start time. Please be responsible in managing your lesson schedule.


Lessons can be rescheduled by either the student or the instructor if it is more than 24 hours before the lesson start time. Additionally, lessons can be cancelled by either side. (This can be done through your My Page.)


Changes or cancellations of the lesson cannot be made within 24 hours of the lesson start time. If there are any issues after the lesson has ended, please contact the Yubikitas administrator within 3 days from the scheduled time via My Page → 'Details' for each lesson → 'Report a Problem.

レッスン開始24時間以内では、レッスンの変更やキャンセルはできません。レッスン終了後に問題があった場合、マイページ→各レッスンの”詳細”→"問題の報告"から 予約時間より3日以内にYubikitas管理者までご連絡ください。

In the case of a multi-lesson package, once the first lesson has been attended, it is not possible to cancel any of the remaining lessons. Only rescheduling is allowed.


Lesson Procedures


To avoid any issues, please confirm your time zone and the scheduled date and time of the lesson. If you need to communicate with the student before the lesson starts, please do so via My Page → 'Details' for each lesson → Messages.

トラブルを避けるため、あなたのタイムゾーン、レッスンの予約された日時を確認してください。レッスン開始前に受講生と連絡を取り合う必要がある場合、マイページ→各レッスンの”詳細”→メッセージ より連絡してください。

Begin and end your lessons punctually.


Notify students of the end of the lesson time before it concludes.


After the lesson has ended, please send feedback to the student within 2 days. If no feedback is provided and 2 days have passed, your rating will automatically decrease.


If Your Student Is Late


Even if the student is late, you must still provide the lesson for the entire booked duration. However, you are not required to make up for the time lost due to the student's tardiness, nor are you required to extend the lesson beyond the scheduled time. For example: If the lesson is booked from 10:00 to 10:25 and the student joins at 10:15, please conduct the lesson for the remaining 10 minutes and end as scheduled at 10:25.


If the lesson does not proceed as planned


If a lesson cannot be conducted as scheduled, please resolve the issue between the student and the instructor. Communication can be made via My Page → 'Details' for each lesson → Messages. Keep details of any problematic lessons, such as recordings and message exchanges, for instances where mediation by Yubikitas may be required.

スケジュール通りにレッスンができなかった場合、受講生と講師間で解決してください。マイページ→各レッスンの”詳細”→メッセージ より連絡を取ることができます。問題のあったレッスンの詳細(録画・メッセージのやり取りなど)は、Yubikitasの仲介が必要な場合のために保管しておいてください。

- Regardless of the reason, if a student fails to attend a lesson, the instructor is entitled to receive their payment. However, if the student informs you in advance about unavoidable absence due to reasons such as accidents or emergencies, considering a reschedule may positively impact your reputation. In the Yubikitas, although cancellations or changes of lessons within 24 hours are generally not permitted, if a lesson cannot be conducted due to the instructor's circumstances, both instructor and student are allowed to directly communicate and reschedule the lesson through their respective 'My page' details, under their own responsibility

- 受講生がいかなる理由においてレッスンに欠席した場合でも、講師はその報酬を受け取ることができます。しかし、事故や緊急事態などの理由で受講生がやむを得ず欠席する旨を事前に連絡受けた場合、再スケジュールを検討することで、あなたの印象は良くなる可能性があります。Yubikitasでは、24時間以内のレッスンキャンセル及び変更は原則として許可されておりませんが、講師の都合によりレッスンが実施できない場合には、講師と受講生はそれぞれの責任の下、「My page」の詳細から直接連絡を取り合い、レッスンの再スケジュールが可能です。